There are so many amazing features packed into flight simulator 2017. All of them do their little bit for the game, making it very realistic and enjoyable to play. Of course, the aircraft, airports and maps all make up parts of the features however we will only be looking at the technical and misc features on this page. One big thing is the easy to use windows launcher, and this lets you do a number of things. You can choose the aircraft you want by just clicking on it, you can select the airport you start off from, the time of day can be decided, the weather conditions can be chosen and you can also choose various other settings that affect the environment. That’s all from the windows launcher and it all takes just half a minute at most. This will let you get into the game as fast as possible without any hassle.

Some people who play flight simulators are content with using their mouse and keyboard. Others may wish to use a joystick of some sort. Well, the good news is that pro flight simulator 2017 lets you use joysticks, rudder pedals and yokes also. You will get the best experience from the game by using a joystick, but don’t worry if you don’t have one, a keyboard will suffice. The simulator supports all joysticks, yokes and rudder pedals so you can simply plug-in and play! There are settings for the joystick, which can be altered by going onto Help and then Joystick Information.

Multiplayer is a great feature of this flight simulator 2017. Flying on your own can be fun, no doubt, but after a while you may wish to fly with other people. You can easily fly with others in the multiplayer mode. This opens up a load of new options for you; you could organise races between different airports, test your flying skills up close with other pilots or even do roleplay. There’s an inbuilt chat so you can talk to the other pilots as well. There’s also a multiplayer map that’s based on Google’s own maps, and it lets you see where the other pilots are in relation to you.

There are many smaller features too, such as autopilot. Autopilot takes control of the smaller and simpler tasks, which allows you to just fly the plane wherever you want. It’s good if you’re not so keen on attending to all the small things. These small things are the instruments in the cockpit, which are fully usable and provide a great deal of realism, just like in a real plane. You can refuel your plane in the middle of the air by using air-to-air refuelling aircraft. This is great if you’re travelling long distances and don’t want to land.

Pro Flight Simulator 2017 Download

This, in all honesty, is the best flight simulator 2017 I’ve played, EVER. Why? Look at what it has to offer… over 100 aircraft including all sorts of awesome planes and helicopters, as well as a massive global map, tens of thousands of airports, updates, realistic controls, Mac support, etc. The list could go on and on! The price is also reasonable considering all of these features. I purchased it and do not regret it one bit. Buy it, try it and if you don’t like it simply request a refund; you can request your money back for up to 60 days so you have absolutely nothing to lose. I am 99.99% sure you’ll love it though and it’ll blow your mind. Seriously.

Flight simulator 2017 are great pastimes for all kinds of people, young and old. This is because you can do so much: fly from one country to another, go over the ocean, be a commercial airline, fly a military plane, go in a blimp, practice your skills and see what it’s like to be a real pilot. The possibilities are endless with this flight simulator. So much fun and enjoyment can be had by them.

Maybe this is the first flight simulator you’ll have played? If that’s the case then congrats, you’ve come across the best flight simulator available! Learn the basics of flying and become more advanced as you go along. Or maybe you just want to be free in the skies? Whatever it is you can do it!

Perhaps you’re an experienced fly simulator pilot and this isn’t your first flight simulation game. No worries, this flight simulator 2017 download is also for the more advanced people too. With very realistic game play, including controls, the physics, the graphics and more, you’ll feel just like you’re in a real plane. It has everything you’ll ever need from a flight simulator and you won’t need to play any others ever again.

This flight simulator is suitable for everyone, from children wanting to fly planes to real pilots wanting to test their skills. The controls, physics and graphics are all very realistic so it’s just like flying a real plane making it excellent for plane enthusiasts! It doesn’t matter if you’re a trainee pilot, want to learn how to fly or just want to enjoy the simulator as a game, it will suit you.

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Fly Planes, Helicopters and other Aircraft 2017

At the moment you have access to over 120 planes, helicopters and other aircraft. This includes planes such as the 1903 Wright Flyer, Boeing 777, Airbus 380, US military jets, light singles, medical helicopters, military Westland Lynx’s, NASA spacecraft and many more.

Amazing Real World Scenery 2017

Accurate scenery of the entire globe is available. Imagine being able to fly anywhere you want on earth? Simply amazing. You could fly over your own house if you wanted. The possibilities really are endless. Real military data is used for a lot of the scenery, which enables this flight simulator to have all vmap0 roads, rivers, railroads, towns, cities, land cover and lakes.

Absolute Realism 2017

Everything is realistic. The controls of the aircraft are very realistic, just like in real aircraft. Things like the gyro drift and magnetic compass are correctly modelled to give a really realistic experience. Everything that applies to helicopters and planes in the real world applies to them in flight simulator 2017. Flying at night is stunning with ground lighting in urban areas and the lights from cars on the motorway. Airports have the correct lighting too as well as the right markings and approach lighting.

Loads of Features 2017

Ever wanted to do air-to-air refuelling? You can do it now! There are currently two tanker aircraft (KA6-D and KC-135E) and three receiving aircraft (T38, A4F and Lightning) that are able to refuel in the air. Autopilot is also a feature that will allow you to give up the small and simple piloting tasks. This simulator has full ATC functions, from the gate to the runway, taxi to gate, sky to land… and you can also request clearance for departure, takeoff, taxi and a load more.

Multiplayer, Free Updates, Mac & PC Support 2017

Once you’ve purchased flight simulator 2017 download you can install it on as many PC’s or Mac’s as you want. Give a copy to your family and friends so they can play! As you’ll have noticed you can run it on both PC’s and Mac’s. It also has controller support for foot pedals, yoke, throttle, etc. Updates are released periodically and are always free. If you ever need help there’s a dedicated support team ready to assist you. Multiplayer is also featured in this game so you can play with other people all over the world! You could do all sorts: race to other countries with other people or simply re-enact the realism of real world flying! So many options to choose from!

Pro Flight Simulator 2017, also known as Virtual Pilot 3D 2017, has some amazing features. Flying planes is just the tip of the iceberg with this game. You can fly over 120 different aircraft in this game, including blimps, commercial aircraft, military jets, pre-WWI planes, helicopters, space rockets and a lot more! Never have you seen such a vast array of aircraft to choose from! You’ll never get bored, especially since the maps on this game span the entire globe. Yeah, that means you can fly to anywhere you want to on earth! Fly over your city, to the mountains, over the ocean and anywhere else you can think of! Truly unlimited travel will keep you entertained for years. Not to mention the 20,000 (yes, TWENTY THOUSAND) airports available to land at. Go to France, China, Australia, the USA, Sweden, South Africa, The U.A.E., wherever you want!

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